Midlands Today on The ‘BedroomTax’.

Above we have an extract from BBC Midlands Today with a piece on the then new concept of the Bedroom Tax.

This was recorded last year when the ‘Tax’ was first introduced yet they already highlight some serious flaws in the proposal.

Elizabeth Glinka interviews epileptic Karen Firth who is one to be hit with the new Tax but explains that it is not just a spare room, it is needed. Mrs Firth lives with her husband and son in Bilston, Birmingham but insists she needs the room because when she fits she cannot share a bed.

Julie Hayward is another of those hit hardest. Mrs Hayward has had to have her home specially adapted to cater for her to live in but will be forced to move to another, unequipped home when she cannot afford the tax.

Carrin Gamble of the Bromford Living group also emphasizes that it will be disabled persons that will be hit the hardest.

One thought on “Midlands Today on The ‘BedroomTax’.

  1. Nice short and simple linkblogging, you link well, and good to see you embedding video. Now build on that with stronger newsgathering – could you follow up the people interviewed for a second or third piece?

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