West Midlands help tenants avoid the Bedroom Tax

Housing associations across the West Midlands have come together to help tenants and landlords avoid the Bedroom Tax.

Seven of the largest West Midlands local authorities and nine of the largest social housing providers have joined forces to become The West Midlands Making Best Use of Stock partnership (WMBUS), which will enable tenants to locate a property with the exact amount of bedrooms needed in order to help avoid the penalty.

Labour Councillor, John Cotton, Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member for Social Cohesion, backs the partnership vowing to help those affected by the policy as he openly attacked the new welfare reform, acknowledging the consequences that it will have upon Birmingham and working tenants on low income.

“It is unfair that hard working families are going to lose out and we need to explode the myth that only people that do not work receive housing benefit. Nationally five out of six families who receive housing benefit are in low paid work and I will do all I can to help families in Birmingham who have been put in this situation through no fault of their own.”


Image taken from Birmingham City Council 

WMBUS aims to pool at least 150,000 homes to allow tenants easy access to properties within the region.

Diane Middleton, Chair of WMBUS understand the implications the policy will have on society and the housing associations,

“Welfare reform is going to have a massive impact on the housing sector and potentially a distressing effect on residents. We are taking a broad vision on how the industry can work together to share and mitigate both the responsibility and results of these changes.”

2 thoughts on “West Midlands help tenants avoid the Bedroom Tax

  1. A nice clean piece, with good short pars. You should use WordPress’s blockquote button to indent the quote (Google it).

    I wonder whether the article might have had a stronger angle on ‘Councillor criticises’? Or has that already been reported? If not, it’s worth following up with his office for more quotes.

    • I have an interview with him next week so I could delve deeper into what he thinks of the taxation and maybe this could be another post if he comes back with some good quotes on why he is against it. what do you think?

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