64% of people affected by Bedroom Tax are disabled

UK charity, Scope, say that out of the estimated 660,000 people to be affected by the Bedroom Tax, an astonishing 420,000 are disabled. The disability charity appear extremely shocked and dis-heartened by the upcoming policy change.

Scope pledge that:

“Disabled people and their families can have the same opportunities as everyone else.”

But the disabled make up more than the majority of people affected by the Bedroom Tax. This proportion is so high because of their specialist needs. Individuals with severe health problems may need a spare room for medical equipment. Other disabled people require an extra bedroom for when a carer stays. Some are simply too sick to move house and downsize.

After 50 years of helping the disabled, Scope appear very passionate about benefit cuts to vulnerable people:

“Many families of disabled people tell us they are struggling to make ends meet. Multiple cuts to their benefits and services they rely upon have made things worse. Many have lost thousands of pounds in vital financial support.”

Amisha Koria, Senior Media and PR Officer for Scope, expressed her concerns about the effects Bedroom Tax will have on disabled people:

“They will have to consider moving, which is challenging because of the lack of accessible housing, or look to see how they can meet the shortfall in their income.”

As the Bedroom Tax will not come into power until April 2013, the effects this will have on disabled people has not yet been witnessed. However, Ms Koria believes the impact will be devastating and a struggle for the disabled:

“As disabled people are being hit by so many changes to welfare support, the impact on finances after April will be significant.”

7 thoughts on “64% of people affected by Bedroom Tax are disabled

  1. Some disabled people affected by the Bedroom tax are children who cannot share due to their disability such as my Autistic/ADHD twins. Being 12 years old they are supposed to share and technically one could be supposed to share with their 15 year old big brother for a few months until he’s 16.

  2. Sharpen your intro: ‘Disability charity Scope say that…’ or ‘A leading disability charity has warned that…’

    Drop less important details (‘they pledge…’) from the first par to your second to keep it short and clear.

    Also, avoid statements as facts if you have not confirmed it (i.e. they come from other people), for example Scope *say* that they are passionate (if it was a person you could report that they *appeared* passionate, or report their passionate actions).

    Chop out process: ‘We have spoken to’ is unnecessary: ‘Amisha Koria … said’ is sharper.

    Try using the blockquote option to indent quotes. Nice work though.

  3. What happens about a lodger using my gas water elec.e.c.t I will not have someone using my bathroom, cooker ,washing machine.e.c.t. Even if they stay in the extra room watching t.v who pays the t.v licence.What if they do a runner without paying the rent e.c.t what are our rights as the tenant.What happens when I want my mum to stay(she is blind) .Or I need someone to stay as I am unwell and need help sometimes myself??????

    • I am not sure on all the details of the policy. Try contacting the Policy Leader or Policy Officer. They are sure to know the answer to your queries. Sue Ramsden (Policy Leader) Tel: 020 7067 1080 Mob: 07818 425 283. Andy Tate (Policy Officer) Tel: 020 7067 1081. Hope this helps!

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