Single working mother shares a room with 4 year old disabled son.

A single mother from Ladywood is having to share her room with her four year old disabled son as Birmingham’s housing waiting list continues to grow.

The woman from Ladywood fears the taxation will only be adding to a worsening housing situation as more people look for the appropriate sized accommodation.

The single mother, who wishes to remain anonymous,  feels the council should begin to tackle Birmingham’s so called housing crisis before implementing the taxation.

“There is a obvious housing situation here and the Bedroom Tax will only add to this.”


After being on the waiting list for over a year the mother of one thinks the taxation is a good idea to encourage people to downsize but is left wondering what is currently being done to support those needing bigger properties?

waiting list

Table found from West Midlands, National Housing, Home Truths, 2012

In response to WMBUS partnership, which aims to pool 1,500 houses for tenants looking to downsize, the single mother stated,

“They need to take into consideration the people on the waiting lists before they start to pool houses for those who need to downsize.”

The answer to this apparent worsening situation is believed by the woman to lie within derelict housing,

“There are so many houses not in use so why are the government not using up these houses?”

Listen below to our conversation with the single mother.

In relation to the housing issue Katie Moore a research and development coordinator at WM housing will be a part of a live discussion today between 12-2pm which will be headed by an expert panel.  Katie will be putting forward our concerns on ways of not passing ‘the Bedroom Tax’ onto undeserving tenants.

We shall be awaiting to hear back from what the panel has to say using this case as an example of what should not be happening.

Unfortunately Katie Moore was unable to put forward our concerns as the discussion focussed more on what housing providers can do to protect tenants .Although the review of the discussion will be published later in the week.

The review of the discussion outlined the ways housing providers can protect tenants from the penalty. Katie Moore highlighted in the discussion that WM housing will be looking into providing moving costs for customers.

The Guardian have outlined the discussions main points in a review. 


6 thoughts on “Single working mother shares a room with 4 year old disabled son.

  1. Your intro sounds very interesting – and should be your headline. Did she speak to you or someone else? If the latter, link. If the former, this is a great piece of work that needs fleshing out.

    The headline as it stands needs attribution – who says it’s only adding to the situation? It shouldn’t be you – that’s not news or reporting, it’s opinion.

    Looking forward to the addition of audio – rather than a note to yourself, put ‘We will be updating this post with audio of the interview’ or similar.

    Use the blockquote feature on WordPress (Google it) to indent full par quotes.

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