Ladywood to be the most affected area of Birmingham?

Almost half of Ladywood residents will potentially be affected by the Bedroom Tax. Around 49% are either council tenants or live in a Housing Association property.


Statistics released by Birmingham City Council, show that over 31% of Ladywood residents live in Local Authority Housing, as well as almost 18% living in a property provided by the Housing Association. The tenants who are deemed to have a spare bedroom will see the effects of April 2013’s new policy.


With only 29% of Ladywood council tenants having just one bedroom, a potential of 71% may be affected by the Bedroom Tax. If rooms are not filled to the requirements of the policy, residents will see their benefits cut significantly. Negative effects have already began to occur in the Ladywood area. One resident’s story can be seen here.

Erdington, Northfield and Hodge Hill are other areas of Birmingham which have fairly high Local Authority and Housing Association rates.

erdington1 northfield1 hodgehill1

Around a third of Erdington’s residents may be affected by the Bedroom Tax, as almost 21% are council tenants and a further 10.7% live in a HA property. Northfield shows slightly higher results. 33.5% of its population are likely to be affected, with nearly 28% in council housing and over 5% depending on the HA. Hodge Hill indicates similar statistics, with over 32% potentially being affected by Bedroom Tax. Over a quarter live in Local Authority Housing and nearly 7% live in a property provided by the HA.

Click on the image to view the full map.

Click on the image to view the full map.

This map shows where these highly affected areas are in Birmingham.


5 thoughts on “Ladywood to be the most affected area of Birmingham?

  1. I’m utterly inspired by this work – well done. You’ve managed to have a clear top line while also filling in background details along the way, and it’s well tagged! Some small ways to improve it: make each area name bold so that people can pick them out (and their own) more easily (this also helps with SEO as Google gives extra weight to bold words).

    Towards the end it gets clutted with percentages – try ‘almost a third’, ‘one in ten’ etc. instead. Also think about a bullet list as another way of presenting that par.

    The last line suggests you don’t quite know how to end this. Chop it. Two better options: find someone to comment on the stats (e.g. a local housing officer or association), or link to the data and invite users to tell you if you’ve missed anything.

  2. Thanks Paul. I am going to contact Birmingham City Council or another association once I have all my blogs posted, so I was sure what to ask them. I’ll get on with the improvements in the mean time.

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