Overcrowding is six times worse in social housing than in private homes.

According to George Marshall at the National Housing Federation, people wishing to move home will suffer due to the housing crisis.

As families will be forced to downsize due to the ‘spare bedroom’ tax, the need for 2 bedroom houses and single person flats will rise.

This will cause an additional cost for £500,000 due to people choosing to move into a single person flat other than a two bedroom home.

New stats and figures as told by George Marshall

George Marshall at the National housing Federation states that the average housing price is roughly £176,000 meaning that prices have fallen by 2% since 2011.

However, despite housing prices falling there is still the massive issue of housing shortage that will cause an increase in the homeless and in the housing waiting lists. As social housing becomes more overcrowded, people are forced to move, but the housing shortage is beginning to give occupants no choice in the matter.

According to the Research systems officer at National Housing Federation, George Marshall;

‘Across the country the proportion of overcrowded households is between 6 and 7 times as high in the social housing sector as in owner-occupied housing, so it would be logical to expect the rate for social housing in the West Midlands to be over 1 in 10 households’.

Those suffering from overcrowded conditions will however be helped by the housing campaign, Yes to Homes.

The campaign found that there is land available in Birmingham that is equivalent to two cities size of Wolverhampton if the people who have privately owned homes gave up some land.  Yes to homes, aims to create more land and therefore more homes for the people who are suffering from overcrowded conditions.

Councillor Mike Sharpe has recently praised a developer on his plans to build eight new homes and six new workshops in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter area.

The development offers six, four bedroom houses and two, two bedroom apartments. This is exactly what the housing crisis needs to be overcome and that is an increase in smaller homes.

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2 thoughts on “Overcrowding is six times worse in social housing than in private homes.

  1. Sharped those first two pars – you desperately need attribution (who says these things?) and avoid advert-speak like “It has been statistically proven” (you’re not selling toothpaste!) – try “XX will do YY, claims Z/according to a report by B” (Likewise “What Birmingham needs is more housing” and “will be helped by the campaign” – according to who? If it’s you, chop it – the article will stand without it, and look more professional too.)

    Split your pars. Make the point, then start a new one. Look at how the BBC do it.

    Don’t link URLs – link words, and link when you’re using the contents (e.g. “according to”, “reports”), not at the end.

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