‘Foodbank numbers to increase,’ according to Trussell Trust

The Trussel Trust are looking to feed 230 000 people in 2012-13 as a result of cuts to benefits. The charity last year fed fed 128 687 people nationwide however with 13 million people living below the poverty line within the UK, the number of people approaching foodbanks is only going to increase.

A foodbank is a community provided service where food is prepared and served to those in need. This can include homeless people, prisoners, financially struggling individuals and also flood victims in occurrence of a flood.  These are put together by non-profit organisations and normally last for three days providing food to those less fortunate.

Anne Danks is the Regional Manager for the Trussell Trust, a Christian charity, who has helped set up over 33 foodbanks within the last three years. They are in partnership with churches and communities who support opening foodbanks. Their aim is to open up a foodbank in every city and currently have over 250 foodbanks launched.

As a result of the recession, which led to the increase of food and fuel, with income remaining the same, has resulted in more people approaching food banks for help.

According to National Official Statistics, there are still 2.5million people unemployed in 2012. Unemployment as well as alterations to benefits which also has led individuals to come to foodbanks.

There is a foodbank taking place today in Nechells, and I shall be attending to make contacts as well as speaking to individuals who have been affected by ‘The Bedroom Tax.’  I will be interviewing Anne Danks and getting her views on the increased demand food banks and will find out how they are planning to deal with the increase in numbers. Also, looking to find some case studies of people affected by ‘The Bedroom Tax.’


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