The government aims to put more effort into housing

John Pierce, the campaigns officer at National Housing Federation recently discussed how ‘yes to homes’ believes that the answer to the housing crisis is

“Not to force families out of homes, where they have lived for years…but to build more affordable decent homes quickly”

The housing associations are currently working towards helping people budget their money for rent or into seeing they swap into another property. However, The Bedroom Tax will be affecting more families than expected as John Pierce admits that council housing will also be at risk.

The person responsible for getting more homes built is the government. In their Housing strategy published in November 2011, David Cameron and Nick Clegg stated: “One of the most important things each generation can do for the next is to build high quality homes that will stand the test of time.” They said that the Government plans to “get Britain building again.”

So far though there has been little action upon these words, what Britain needs is a bigger effort from businesses, local authorities and from the government.

For more information on how we can build more homes and fix the housing crisis, right click here:

Or for more on how The Bedroom Tax might affect local communities read the link below:


One thought on “The government aims to put more effort into housing

  1. Great work Tash! Maybe try hyperlinking the urls better 🙂 For example, say ‘click here’ with a link to the websites. Makes it look a bit neater. But well done!

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