I will be evicted and will lose the house, the children, and my job

Separated parents will lose the chance to see their children due to The Bedroom Tax. Mother of two, Kim Le Grys Cotton split up with her husband several years ago, ending up with her being responsible for her daughter and him, her son.

The Bedroom Tax will prevent Kim from supporting her children with a single room each as she will be charged extra for the ‘spare room’.

As Kim is already suffering from financial difficulties she will be unable to support the extra costs which may potentially lead to her not seeing her children.

“At the moment the children don’t know anything. They didn’t want the current living situation, they wanted to come back and live with me full time, and see there dad every other weekend, so they are continually hoping that will happen somehow.”

The public are upset on how the innocent are being attacked by The Bedroom Tax, Kim worries;

“It its potentially splitting families up, especially parents who only see their kids at the weekends, and may have spent a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of emotion going through court to get that access to their children.”


Alex Milne is another separated parent who will be affected by The Bedroom Tax. He is terrified of losing contact with his two children Rhiann, 10 and Billy, 3. He will be charged an extra ¬£40 a month for his ‘spare room’ that is their for his daughter, he believes that without that room, she will not want to stay with him anymore.

To watch the short documentary of alex’s story, click on this link


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