Mental health services will suffer an increase due to stress of ‘spare room’ tax

Twitter page @WOWpetition chat offers support and sources advice for those suffering from depression and epilepsy. The forum was tweeted by @bettypeck regarding The Bedroom Tax, stating how her

“mental stress is like torture, no matter who I phone or talk to, no one knows and asks me for info”

People suffering the ‘unseen’ disabilities such as anxiety, depression or any other mental health problem will suffer from the bedroom tax. Sufferers will have created a safe surrounding area within their homes and community around them.

Having to move due to the 14% spare bedroom cuts will cause them a lot of stress and aggravation as change for sufferers can be unmanageable and may therefore push them into suicide.

Wheelchair bound Janice Martin, is said to have felt ‘suicidal’ after fearing that she will loose her home due to The Bedroom Tax. This case study was raised in the house of commons just recently resulting to David Cameron claiming to put the needs of the disabled before others.

Janice suffers from osteoporosis, her house is catered towards her needs so losing her house will be cause a lot of trauma. She states:

“I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow to see how this is affecting my mental health. There must be thousands of others in the same position.”

 MP Clarke is a lifelong campaigner on disability, he challenged David Cameron with the following statement;

“Would he agree to put the needs of disabled people first and revisit what is turning out for hundreds and thousands of disabled people and their families to be a disastrous policy.”  


The accusation was returned by David Cameron s plan to offer discretionary payments despite them only protecting 10% of those with disabilities. For more information on this particular case study on Janice Martin, click here.


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