Prisoners will escape The Bedroom Tax as armed forces get charged

The government are not counting jailed members as part of the £14 a week extra room charge.

50,000 criminals will be exempt from the tax for up to 6 months whereas 96,000 members of the armed forces will lose out.

Shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne said:

“This government is so incompetent it is hammering soldiers but protecting prisoners.”

Jim Murphy, the Labour defence spokesman argues

The affect on soldiers from The Bedroom Tax is a metaphor of attacking our own patriotism. He argues:

“If you choose to serve you should be rewarded not penalised. Service families and parents or partners of Regulars or Reservists could be hit because their loved ones choose to defend our country. Mandatory training or deployments overseas could mean families having to move house or pay more. That is not right and people will wonder whether the Government has got its priorities straight”

Their is a lot of controversy surrounding this issue and families of military forces are fuming;

“No soldier should be penalised, especially as said before, they are deployed by the government in the 1st place.”

Case study on military forces affected by the tax

An army mother of twins Aaron and Anas El Hamri is worried that when her sons return for serving in Afghanistan, they will be homeless. As the twins will be sent off for 6 months at a time, Mother, Alison Huggans will be penalised for the bedroom tax. Anas argues;

“Taking away my house makes me think, ‘what are I serving my country for?’”

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