Welfare secretary Iain Duncan orders officials to ‘look again’ at The Bedroom Tax

Mr. Duncan Smith  has asked for officials to look over The Bedroom Tax after finding out the extent on who will be affected.

He notified the public’s anger towards the tax after receiving an open letter written to himself and Chancellor George Osborne from seven different charities these were:  Carers UK, MS Society, Mencap, Macmillan Cancer Support, Disability Rights UK, Carers Trust and Contact a Family.

Helena Herklot, the Chief Executive of Carers UK explained how the extra bedroom that families currently have, are essential.

The government aimed to protect The Bedroom Tax by creating the ‘discretionary payment’ however this will only be protecting 10% of disabled occupants.

Libby Drake who will also be affected by the tax, states

“Taking money from those most in need is not the way forward, although it will certainly rat out those who cheat the system (those that do manage to pay and still live comfortably) those who genuinely need the help like the sick and disabled will be massively effected in a negative way.”

If a solution is found before April then The Bedroom Tax may not affect as many people to the extent it will be now. According to the governments ‘size criteria’ family members will be accessed on whether all of their rooms are necessary or whether they will be charged.

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