Academic Psychologists oblivious to The Bedroom Tax

After several phone conversations with different health/child psychologists I think I can conclude how there are people out there who don’t watch the news to find out whats happening in the society around them.

Academic psychologists from and around Birmingham and some health psychologists were also unfamiliar with this term.

It was most shocking to find that people were unaware with the term ‘Bedroom Tax,’ and a reason for this could be that maybe as it doesn’t affect them, it is of no interest to them, therefore they are unaware of how widely covered this topic is at the moment.

Due to them being unaware of these new cuts to benefits coming into effect over the next couple of weeks suggests that they will be unaware of the change of symptoms amongst patients. Also if they see an increase of medical health issues coming into their practice, again they will be ignorant as to why there is a boom in new cases.

It would have been interesting to find out if there was to be an increase in number of cases, whether they had the facilities to deal with them. Most importantly if a patients symptoms/condition got worse what effects would this have on them, so ultimately what would this additional stress cause to a patient who is already ill.

Not just physical, but the mental health of people would have been an interesting area to articulate, and if they were parents, what effect this would have on their children.

This area was a key part of the investigation by looking at the cognitive and health effects this policy was going to cause. This would have acted as a key angle and provided valuable data as to another professional organisation that would have been affected by this policy.


2 thoughts on “Academic Psychologists oblivious to The Bedroom Tax

  1. Very interesting finding – but keep your telling of it straight. Give us facts: X number of psychologists were unaware of the bedroom tax.

    Don’t tell us about your process “After doing X and Y…”

    You explain why this is important in terms of the *system* but this is better done through someone else rather than your own opinion, e.g ‘psychologists play an important role in support services… Jane Jones says “X…”‘

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