An interview with a landlord

An interview with a landlord

This is an interview with a young landlord about his views on DSS tenants and the upcoming Bedroom Tax. Click on the link above to access the interview.


1 thought on “An interview with a landlord

  1. Great to see you interviewing – although I suspect this was someone ‘within reach’ rather than a landlord you actually went out of your way to find.

    You ask some good questions but try to avoid scripting them (it shows). Also, the more you know your subject, the more you can push on questions. Instead of the vague ‘what do you think’ ask ‘Do you support..?’

    Follow up answers where there’s ignorance or contradiction. For example, he thinks the bedroom tax is a good idea, but he himself isn’t prepared to rent accommodation to those people he thinks should move. That’s the whole reason you’re interviewing him – so how does he think people are going to be able to move when there’s a lack of property, due in part to policies like his?

    Try to embed the audio in the post – Google how to do this (one link here:

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