Bedroom Tax will penalise disabled children

Doctors have now raised their disgust on the “astounding” Bedroom Tax as it will affect the lives of children with disabilities.

Families that have a spare room in order to take care of their disabled child’s needs with be forced to pay the tax for the extra bed. As some families will not be able to support this tax, the disabled child will be forced to share a room with his/her other siblings or family members.

Doctors have argued that the implications of this new welfare reform are ‘ludicrous’, ‘unfair’, and ‘appalling’.

They believe that forcing siblings to share with their disabled other may cause family ties to break and cause a lot of extra pressure on the parents.

“Children with significant disabilities have many medical problems and particularly at night, many have mobility problems, many have epilepsy and seizures can be particularly troublesome at night.”

“For all these medical reasons disabled children often have discomfort during the night and they need much care and attention from their parents and that would be highly disruptive for any brother or sister that had to share the bedroom with them.”

To read on the case study on a disabled child that will be affected by The Bedroom Tax, click here.


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax will penalise disabled children

  1. Watch for clumsy language – you don’t raise disgust, you express it (you raise problems or objections). And its expressing disgust over, not ‘on’.

    Link early – on the phrase ‘expressed disgust over’ – not at the end. Also, make sure your link works (it doesn’t).

    Good use of blockquote and bold, but this is still a single source story from mainstream media and not demonstrating original research skills (you could at least have a second link!).

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