An interview with a landlord

This is an interview with a young landlord about his views on DSS tenants and the upcoming Bedroom Tax. Click on the link above to access the interview.


Dss discrimination?


Landlords in the Birmingham area often use the term “no dss” when advertising their properties e.g. “no dss or pets.” This means the landlord will not accept any tenants that are receiving benefits however, as the term dss is no longer officially in use, the exact meaning of this is very ambiguous.

A number of estate agents operate under a blanket rule that they will not accept anyone who receives any sort of benefit. This includes disability allowance. If this is the case I plan to investigate into this further and explore whether or not by doing this, landlords are actually discriminating unlawfully.

I have read through the tenancy section of the 2010 equality act and there is nothing to say that landlords cannot do this however, I still feel this is an avenue that needs looking into. Therefore I will continue to contact landlords and letting agencies for comment and will contact the local council and disability charities for their take on the issue. Below is a link to a Guardian article from 2010 in which James Welch discusses the topic in detail: