Ethnically diverse areas of Birmingham to be most affected?

Statistics released by Birmingham City Council, indicate that the most culturally diverse areas of Birmingham are likely to have the highest rates of people affected by the Bedroom Tax.

Ladywood, possibly the most affected area, has the lowest proportion of white residents in Birmingham at just over a third. The predicted least affected area of the city is Sutton Coldfield, where a massive 94% of its residents are white.

As previously reported, less than 10% of Sutton Coldfield’s population is expected to be affected by the Bedroom Tax, in comparison to almost half of Ladywood’s residents.

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More specifically, Ladywood’s population includes 2 percentage points more Asian residents than white. Over 5% are mixed and almost 1 in 5 are black.

Sutton Coldfield’s ethnic makeup could not be more different. Just over 3% of its residents are Asian, around 1 in 100 are of mixed race and the same amount are black.

When questioned about the occurring pattern of Bedroom Tax and ethnic minorities, Councillor David Barrie (Conservative), strongly denied the act of discrimination:

“I reject absolutely the implicit suggestion that the changes discriminate against ethnic minorities.”

He went on to say:

“Inequality yes, discrimination no.”

Other areas of Birmingham predicted to be fairly highly affected by the Bedroom Tax are Erdington, Northfield and Hodge Hill. Those expected to not see many effects of the benefit cuts include Hall Green, Perry Barr and Yardley.


However, Hall Green, Hodge Hill and Perry Barr are the other locations in Birmingham to have a high proportion of ethnic minorities, with only around half of residents in each area being white. Hodge Hill particularly shows a negative relationship between ethnicity and these benefit cuts, with around a third of residents potentially affected.


Sutton Coldfield to be the least affected area of Birmingham?

Less than 10% of Sutton Coldfield residents may be affected by the Bedroom Tax. This area is expected to see the least effects in Birmingham as of April 2013, when the new policy comes into action.


Almost 6% of Sutton Coldfield residents live in a council owned house and only 3.5% are living in a Housing Association property. This is a massive 39 percentage points less than the most affected area of Birmingham, Ladywood.

Hall Green, Perry Barr and Yardley are other areas of Birmingham which indicate fairly low rates of Local Authority and Housing Association properties. The data released by Birmingham City Council, suggests that less than a quarter of each of these regions’ populations are likely to be affected by the Bedroom Tax.

hallgreen1 perrybarr1 yardley1

Approximately 1 in 5 of Hall Green’s residents may be potentially affected, with around 10% living in Local Authority Housing and the same amount depending on the HA. Perry Barr shows very similar data. Just over 9% of residents are council tenants and only a tenth live in a property provided by the HA. Yardley indicates slightly different rates, with just over 20% living in a council house and a further 4% occupying a HA property.

Click on the image to view the full map.

Click on the image to view the full map.

This map shows where these lowly affected areas are in Birmingham.