1 in 5 council tenants work full time

More than 20% of council tenants in the UK have a full time job, suggesting that full time workers are likely to be significantly affected by the Bedroom Tax. Around 265,000 people live in Local Authority Housing nationally. This is a large proportion of the estimated 660,000 people to be affected by the Bedroom Tax.


Statistics from 2011/2012 indicate that full time workers are potentially one of the most affected demographics. This sparks debate on whether hard working people and tax payers deserve to have their benefits cut as of April 2013. To many, the Bedroom Tax highly affecting those in full time work is likely to be seen as unfair and unjustified.

However, Councillor David Barrie (Conservative), believes Bedroom Tax is in the interest of the tax payer:

“As a hard working tax payer would you be happy to pay for someone else to live in expensive housing that you could not afford?”

Data released by the Government also shows that job seekers will potentially be the most affected by the Bedroom Tax, as over 22% of council tenants are looking for work. Around 1 in 5 of those living in Local Authority Housing are unemployed. This demographic is sure to see the most negative effects from the Bedroom Tax.

People to miss the upcoming policy change are to be students, where less than 2% live in council housing. Only 0.2% of council tenants are in training, so this group of tenants are also likely to not be affected.